Custom software development

Software is like clothes. You can choose from the regular off-the-rack goods, which will never fit you perfectly, or you can have them tailored to precisely suit your size and requirements. In our company, we develop information systems to suit the requirements of companies that do not want to make compromises and whose requirements have already outgrown the regularly available systems.

Many pre-prepared and standardized solutions exist on the market. However, implementation of such systems may not provide the desired effect because they do not meet the actual requirements of the company. We are here for cases such as this.

We carefully analyze your requirements and prepare an information system that will fully meet your expectations and provide the desired result.


  • Professional consultation
  • Collection and analysis of requirements
  • Architecture and proposal of a solution
  • Project management
  • Software development
  • Implementation and integration of the solution
  • Hosting and operation in line with a service agreement
  • Training and support


  • WEB

    Smart websites, which make access to data stored in various information systems easier for users.



    Systems for good and effective company management with whom you never lose control of your business.



    Company mobile applications increase the effectiveness of the work of your sales representatives and service technicians.



    Solutions built on state-of-the-art technologies such as Liferay Portal and Atlassian Confluence.



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At the start of cooperation, negotiations are always held regarding the project, the contract, prices, and schedules. Our aim is not to make a short-term profit. We establish long-term, mutually advantageous cooperation with our customers based on trust and the customer’s satisfaction with our solutions. We always try to accommodate our customers if this is within our power and feasible with regard to the options open to us. On the basis of the results of these negotiations, we sign a contract and get to work.


While collecting requirements for the system, their analysis, and design of the system, we base our approach on RUP methodology and manage development with the aid of iterative methodology combined with SCRUM methodology. We pragmatically adapt the software development process to suit the nature of the project and method of cooperation with the customer. Our aim is to provide the customer the system he expects, in perfect quality and by the deadline agreed in advance.


Our work does not end with the deployment of the finished solution in the production environment. For a project to be successful, its benefits must actually exhibit themselves. It is not enough for a system to just be correctly programmed and deployed, its availability at the time when the users use it must also be ensured, its administration and development must be ensured as must the up-to-date nature of the data which the system works with. We administer our customers’ systems and participate in their development. We guarantee customers the quality of services provided and are liable for compliance with this level of quality.


At Nonadyne, we have been engaged in customised development from the very start of our existence. From the very start, we decided to use the Java EE platform and recommend it to all of our customers as a platform which is well-suited for development of software with a long lifespan and specific properties which include high performance applications, a high level of data security, applications integrated with other company software and applications working with large quantities of data etc.

If software is to be successful, users must be able to work well with it. The communication interface between the user and the system is a user interface which must be clear, fast and intuitive. We build user interfaces on the latest technologies which work on standard computers and also on mobile devices.

When choosing technologies for our projects, we do not stick to ideological dogmas and do not blindly insist on use of Java JEE platforms in cases when this is not the best solution for the customer and for the project. We are always willing and able to recommend the right solution to the customer.

We never start on a greenfield. We have components ready which decrease the scope and labour intensity of the project and can be used immediately. At Nonadyne, we believe that there is no need to keep inventing the wheel. This is why we have prepared components and tools in advance, which resolve functionality which is repeated in projects, by means of which we are able to decrease their scope and labour intensity.

We have start-up applications ready with pre-prepared user management, dashboards, and system functions such as support for e-mailing, logging, audit, printing to PDF or localisation into other languages. In combination with the prepared components and tools which the Java platform provides us, such as the Liferay Portal or the Vaadin component framework, we are able to quickly and effectively create and deliver solutions to customers in short deadlines.

Why choose us

  • We work on ourselves. Nothing stops us.
  • We keep our word. Always and whatever the cost.
  • We play together as a team. One for all and all for one.
  • Changes are opportunities, not obstacles.
  • Trust and loyalty form the basis of a solid relationship.
  • We create an environment based on the people.

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