Atlassian JIRA

Atlassian JIRA is the world number one among bug and issue tracking systems. The software is specially designed for effective team planning, setting and checking tasks and work, workflow management, records and creation of reports. With this tool, you can manage processes more easily, faster and more effectively, the same as thousands of teams all over the world and just like us at nonadyne.


JIRA is a sophisticated system for process and business management with simple operation and a pleasant user interface. The application covers the requirements of project management, management and leading of people, reporting, supports both in-house communication and also communication with subcontractors or customers and much more.


    • Software support for project management.
    • Organization and monitoring of workflow.
    • Service Level Management (SLA).
    • Creation and allocation of tasks to individual workers.
    • Entry of requests and their prioritization, organization of solutions.
    • Monitoring team activity, task performance status.
    • Sharing information, documents, images, tables and graphs.
    • Creation of clear reports, analyses and graphs./li>
    • Allocation of access and rights to individual teams or individuals.
    • Monitoring of history and audit of actions.

    • Constant access to information via the web interface.
    • Access via PC, mobile device, and tablet.
    • Option of connecting the application to any company software.
    • Uniform management of users.
    • Import and export from/to system, full-text search.
    • Wide range of use for software companies, but also for companies in any field of activity.
    • Limitation of the need for e-mail communication within the team – everything is available in one place for authorized users.
    • Possibility of installing customized additional modules.

More information about JIRA and other products from Atlassian can be found on our product website

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