Tools for software development from Atlassian

Every company which develops software wants its development to be as effective as possible and the quality of the product to be flawless. Some companies allocate tasks with the aid of e-mail and save source codes in obsolete repositories, which leads to an increase in operational work, an increase in errors and a decrease in quality. At MoroSystems, we decided to use tools from Atlassian, which help us with effective development and to increase the quality of our outputs and simultaneously we implement them for our customers as a tool to improve the quality of software development.




Atlassian FishEye offers a single user interface for browsing repositories of source codes directly from a web interface. It is fully compatible with Subversion, Perforce, CVS, Git and Mercurial repositories.

FishEye provides us an overview of source codes and the activities of our programmers. Thanks to the sophisticated display of the change history, you can find out the reason for changes having been made, the name of the person who made the change and the time the change was made, which is an invaluable aid for every software architect, team leader, and the development team itself. Perfect integration with JIRA goes without saying.




Atlassian Crucible has been created especially for support of code review and making the work of people who participate in code review more effective and of a higher quality. Incorrectly written codes are not always easy to discover and review of them is frequently problematic. Crucible allows flexible review of code via a web application without the need to have a development environment which has been started up.

Crucible provides tools for sharing knowledge and allows for discussion of changes and errors found, thanks to which it changes the quality of the resulting source code in a revolutionary manner as well as that of the developers themselves who can learn from their mistakes.




Atlassian Stash is an advanced tool for GIT management which you can use to simply create and centrally manage repositories, set rights and rules and cooperate on a creation of code – all of this quickly, securely in your server’s environment and in line with company requirements.




Atlassian Bamboo is a server for continuous integration. Bamboo is, however, able to do much more than just launching builds and tests – it combines the outputs and results of tests and provides them in such a way that they are available for the whole development team, from project managers, developers, and testers, right through to system administrators.

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